Hello, we're EKKO.

We facilitate innovation, experience design, and strategic initiatives
minus the b.s.

Skip the sell, let's talk.

No marketing or business issue can surprise us. Seriously.

We’ve done almost everything you can do in digital design — enterprise websites, small marketing landing pages, B-to-B transaction systems, e-commerce mobile apps, usability research, and everything in between! We are experienced enough to step back and strategize around big challenges, and nimble enough to get in the trenches with our clients when they need us most.

Here are a few of our recent friends and partners.


We bring big problems down to size,
tackle them efficiently,
and never let ego get in the way.


What. Why. How.

Our capabilities are deep and wide-ranging, but here’s the gist.


We’re an innovation and experience design consultancy that shares close partnerships with our clients.


Because when problems large and small are solved brilliantly, our clients can step confidently into a success-filled future.


Our philosophy is “blue-collar UX,” which means we avoid bloated processes that waste precious time and dollars.


Let's Hunker Down and Do Some Sh*t.

If you have a problem or project you’d like to partner on, let’s work together. It’ll be fun.