Hello, we're EKKO.

We facilitate innovation, experience design, and strategic initiatives.

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Our Work

No marketing or business issue can surprise us. Seriously!

We’ve encountered pretty much everything, and put our collective experience to work. Check out the proof.

Our Capabilities

What. Why. How.

Our capabilities are deep and wide-ranging, but here’s the gist.


We’re an innovation and experience design consultant that shares close partnerships with our clients.


Because when problems large and small are solved brilliantly, our clients can step confidently into a successful-filled future.


Our philosophy is “blue-collar UX,” which means we avoid bloated processes that only waste precious time and dollars.

Our Team

The Gang's All Here.

Meet the faces of EKKO – people who have seen it all, and do it all.

Brad Ruiter

Captain Fun Squad

Kevin White

Colonel Paisley

Matt Kortering

That guy who knows people

Christian Saylor

Whale Watcher

Erik Loehfelm

Token Old Bald Guy

We bring big problems down to size,
tackle them efficiently,
and never let ego get in the way.